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"Student Center” Sarajevo

It was founded by the University Council's decision in 1959 and has since been operating in continuity. In 2000, the Sarajevo Canton Assembly took over the rights of the founder of the Public Institution, the Student Center Sarajevo, in the part of providing the living standard of students, by the Decision on the acquisition of the founder rights of the Public Institution Student Center Sarajevo in the part of providing the living standard of students ("Official Gazette of Sarajevo Canton" 24/00). The core activity of the Student Center is to provide accommodation and nutrition services to students of the University of Sarajevo, and all other activities have a secondary character and serve as core objectives and strategy of the Center. Having in mind the importance and character of the core business, the Student Center is positioned and operates today as a public institution. According to the Constitution of FBiH, cantons have ingenuity in the field of higher education; Sarajevo Canton is the founder of JU "Student Center" Sarajevo, although service users are students from other areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the pre-war period, the "Student Center" Sarajevo, accomplishing the student standard, achieved impressive business results, which included it in the very top of similar institutions in the former Yugoslavia. About 5,000 students, about 11,000 students and over 400 employees were engaged. Also, the Service for occasional and temporary employment of students and the youth as a secondary activity was extremely developed, which with its revenues participated with up to 25% of the Center's total income structure and thus significantly subsidized the cost of accommodation and nutrition of students. During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the "Student Center" suffered enormous devastation in which most of the facilities were devastated, equipment was completely destroyed, and the personnel structure was significantly reduced. This also reduced the scope of activity. The biggest investment projects were undertaken on the reconstruction of the Nedžarići Student Dormitory, thanks to the funds of foreign donors, the facility "B" was renovated with nearly 400 modernly equipped rooms and 960 beds and two facilities in the Bjelave Student Dormitory. Today, the Center provides accommodation and nutrition services for approximately 2,000 students of the University of Sarajevo, who are almost equally distributed at the locations of Bjelave and Nedžarići. In 2009, JU "Student Center" Sarajevo, introduced HACCP food safety system. Getting convinced about the implemented standard means; achieving better results in work, controlling all production processes, and ultimately achieving end-users trust. The aim of the implemented HCCP in the student restaurants is to prepare the healthy food suitable for the intended use, to control all phases of the production cycle from the input, process control to final control of the finished product, in order to protect the health of the end consumers and improve student standards.

Student center today

As is known, for many years, housing conditions at student dormitories were not at the satisfactory level. Therefore, it was necessary to initiate and find a solution for better accommodation of students enrolled in studying, at the University of Sarajevo, who would need accommodation and food for a price that was not burdensome for their parents. Thanks to the new Management Board of the Student Center and direction of the Student Center headed by the Director, Tarik Curić, great changes and moves have made in 2017. From the donor as well as from the own resources the Student Center operates positively, the new management has provided new values to our students in terms of gym, laundry, catering facilities, fully adapted pavilion II in Bjelave, adaptation of part of the Nedžarići Student Dormitory, internet and cable connection, etc. JU "Student Center" Sarajevo, in cooperation with Students' Association of the Student Center (USSC), organizes various cultural, sports and recreational gatherings, which significantly affects the social life of student-tenants in student dormitories.

Financing foreign students

The right to accommodation and nutrition is provided to foreign and irregular students as well, paying a full price of 219,00 BAM plus the cost of rent depending on the category of rooms in which they are located (from 114.00 BAM to 169.00 BAM).Foreign and irregular students can use all the facilities of student dormitory as regular students.


Admission of students to student dormitories is done on the basis of a public competition published in the public media and on the website of the Institution. In order for the Competition to be published, it is necessary to obtain consent from the respective Ministry of the Founders, pursuant to Articles 22 and 23 of the rules of the University of Sarajevo "Student Center" Sarajevo. In the reporting period, the Institution shall address the Ministry in a timely and orderly manner regarding competition activities, namely:

- Obtaining the approval of the text of the competition for student admissions to student dormitories,

- Delegation of one representative of the Canton-Founder to the Central Monitoring Committee for conducting the Contest for student reception in student dormitories. Corresponding Ministry shall give their approval on the texts for the student competition in a timely manner as well as delegating one representative of the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth KS to the Central Monitoring Committee for the execution of the competition. Competition for students’ admission in student dormitories (JU "Student Center" Sarajevo) for the current academic year for accommodation and nutrition is published in mid-June and lasts 30 days after the publication.

Students’ and other organizations operating within the institution

Student Association of the Student Center

Commission for Sport

Disciplinary Commission of the Bjelave Student Dormitory

Disciplinary Commission of Nedžarići Student Dormitory

Commission for monitoring the quality and price of food at the restaurants of the Bjelave Student Dormitory and Nedžarići Student Dormitory

Commission for Assessing the Damage, Accommodation and Quality of Services at Nedžarići Student Dormitory

Commission for Assessing the Damage, Accommodation and Quality of Services at Bjelave Student Dormitory

Culture and Entertainment Commission